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How are offset printed cartons produced?

Offset is a special technique in printing, with high printing efficiency, clear ink strokes, low smudge rate, and high color fastness. The offset carton printing process applied at Tway printing and communication joint stock company is done with optimal time and guaranteed product quality.

Step 1: Proceed to offset printing on paper materials

The first step in offset printing is to print offset patterns on paper materials that are popular in which are Duplex paper, Kraft paper, art paper, etc.
Depending on the needs of the customer, it can be glossy or matte to best suit. If the glossy lamination makes the finished product more attractive, the matte finish makes the finished product more luxurious and noble.

Step 2: Run through the glue layer and apply it to the carton

For a 3-layer carton, it will be applied to a 2-layer carton. Hill with 4-layer carton, will proceed to add to 3-layer carton.

The advantages of offset printing cartons


Offset printed cartons have many advantages and certain limitations in the process of use and are chosen by many customers. Here are a few outstanding advantages that make offset printing cartons so popular in the market:
· Offset printed carton for high image quality, clear. Offset prints are generally smudge-free and cleaner than conventional printing methods.
· Offset printed cartons when printed on the surface of carton paper usually have high quality in use and have a longer print life.
· The cost of offset carton printing will be reduced the more printing quantity. This makes businesses that use cartons for packaging often prioritize offset printed products.
Besides the advantages, offset printing cartons also have certain limitations:
·  Offset printing for cartons is only suitable for bulk products. Because if you print in small quantities, the price will be higher.
·  Without good printing techniques with modern machinery, offset prints are prone to errors and affect the quality of prints.
· This makes the printing address must have high quality and long experience to get the best offset printing.
With the above information, we hope that readers will have a basic understanding of offset printed carton products. At the same time, choose a high-quality carton offset printing address on the market. Offset printed cartons possess outstanding advantages to ensure the current demand for use and brand promotion.
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