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3 layers carton

The structure of the 3-layer carton is as follows:

– Face layer: the outermost layer of paper, white, yellow or brown, usually a nice smooth, flat paper.
– Middle layer: the paper layer is made up of layers of paper waves, grooves, glued to the top and bottom layer to act as a layer of padding for the carton.
– Bottom layer: can be a normal paper layer or a layer of hard paper to help support.
The quality & texture of each type of carton is specially designed according to the application, the backing can be white, brown or yellow paper.
There are 4 main types of waves that make up the grooves and winding rings of Carton paper, here are the names of those 4 waves: wave A, wave B, wave C and wave E.


5 layers carton

5-layer carton with 3 layers of paper structure:
+  1 layer of face paper
+  2 layers of corrugated paper
+  1 bottom layer between 2 wave layers and one bottom layer
5-layer carton consists of 2 layers of corrugated board interspersed with 3 layers of flat paper
5-layer carton is used as a carton, depending on the supply-market demand, we will manufacture or advise customers to get the product according to the specifications, reasonable and best techniques.

7 layers carton

7 Layers Carton is a carton with 3 layers of sine waves in the middle and 2 outer sides and 2 layers in the middle. The carton is made up of 7 layers of paper, so it is called a 7 layer carton.
7 Layers Carton  is a good bearing, high porosity, good impact resistance. Used to carry heavy goods, good bearing capacity.
7 Layers Carton  used to load  multiple layers on top of each other and often for export (usually used to store export fruits: dragon fruit, grapes, grapefruit, pineapple, …)
7 Layers Cartons have many types, depending on the needs, the quality and the price are different.
Paper Pallets:
+ Pallet side is high quality hard CARTON paper 5 layers, 7 layers, 10 layers.
+ Pallet legs are pieces of CARTON paper pressed together with glue and the outside is wrapped with a thin layer of CARTON.
+ Pallet feet are glued to the pallet face plate with special glue.
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