What is 7 layers carton? The great benefits of using 7-layer cartons

Have you ever wondered what a carton is? And what materials is it made from and what are the processes to make it? Currently, it seems that all manufacturing industries have a need to use cartons to store items as well as transport goods to the place of product consumption. Cartons also have many types, each of which will meet a different need. Today, North Truong Son will introduce to you the popular 7-layer carton product line.

What is 7-layer carton?

7-layer carton is a very hard carton that is stapled, pressed, assembled and glued from cardboard. Aim to form a defined shape to suit your packaging purposes. Usually rectangular or   square, giving you plenty of choice when shopping. If you only need to carry the necessary documents, or the furniture is a bit light, you can refer to the 3-layer carton.

  • Wave A: each layer of corrugated paper up to 4.7mm thick. The number of waves per 30cm is 33+/-3. Used to transport goods with a large tonnage of high value.
    Wave B: each layer is 2.5mm thick. The number of waves per 30cm is 47+/-3. For heavy items. Resistant to impact on high value goods.
    Wave C: each layer is 3.6mm thick. The number of waves per 30cm is 39+/-3. Used to store heavy goods and valuables.
    E wave: each layer is 1.5mm thick. The number of waves per 30cm is 90+/-3. Used with goods with moderate load but tough.

Internal features

  • Protect function keys and transport large, heavy materials for extended periods of time.
    The material that makes the 7-layer carton is good and hard. Minimize the possibility of environmental pollution.
    The barrel is effectively reusable.
    Thicker and sturdier design than 3-layer and 5-layer crates.

Application of 7 layers carton

7-layer carton is in the form of a box with an extremely special and modern structure of inner and outer layers. This is the type of barrel that people choose and widely use on the market today. Especially the need to transport heavy goods. The 7-layer carton is also quite light in weight and will not cost you too much in shipping costs.

In addition, 7-layer cartons are also widely used in the packaging and transportation of fragile items. Electronic goods and machinery materials have good bearing capacity. Suitable for long-distance transportation without fear of material damage. If the material is medium in weight, a 5-layer carton is suitable. In short, you can be flexible in using the carton according to your needs.

Price of 7 layers carton

Depending on the type for your purposes, this type of box will have different prices. But rest assured, it only has a very cheap price ranging from 4,000 – 12,000 VND. Will perfectly fit your budget. Please refer to the detailed price list below.



The most reliable supplier of 7-layer carton today

Along with the needs of customers, now on the market, there are many reliable stores to choose to buy 7-layer cartons. Traveling around the provinces, it will not be difficult for you to come across a store selling cartons. However, 7-layer carton products are easy for stores to sell imitations and thin goods. So you need to research carefully before buying. Bac Truong Son is the name you can turn to, with many years of experience in the production of quality and prestigious packaging and cartons. Free shipping service when customers buy in large quantities, enthusiastic and dedicated consultants.

We hope that through this article you can understand more about the carton product line. Along with information about reputable and reliable sales locations. Will help you find a suitable store and choose to buy.


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