The company produces high quality and cheap export carton packaging

The quality of export carton packaging partly evaluates the investment in the product. Currently, the economy is developing, the export is increasing strongly, so the need to find and buy cartons that meet international export standards is very necessary.
So what is the standard export carton? Any company that produces qualified products meets those standards. Read on to learn more about this!

The role of export carton packaging today

Carton packaging in exporting goods for businesses has an extremely important role. The first role to mention is to help protect the product from unnecessary damage during transportation. Helps to prevent goods from being damaged or deformed when moving. In addition, cartons for goods also make transporting goods easier, reducing time and effort in the process of moving.
The second role is extremely important, which is to contribute to the assessment of product quality. Exported carton packaging meets international standards, making consumers feel that the quality is guaranteed and safe, increasing consumer confidence, and enhancing the brand name in the international market.
Today, most of the export items such as: Agricultural products, electronics, textiles, seafood… all use cartons to pack and transport goods.
The third role is how businesses reduce the weight of products when shipped. Compared with wooden crates, iron crates, the weight of cartons is much lighter. In addition, the carton is now with modern and sharp printing technology. Contribute to help promote their brand on export cartons to foreign countries.

Features of export carton packaging

Exported goods are often transported over long distances. Therefore, the preservation of goods is extremely necessary and important to keep the quality of goods to the best consumers.
Therefore, the characteristics of export carton packaging usually have the following factors:
+ Paper for making cartons must be hard, durable, firm and tough.
+ Moisture-proof, good waterproof
+ High bearing capacity so as not to affect the product inside.
Therefore, cartons are usually made from high-quality paper. Usually a 3-layer, 5-layer or 7-layer carton to ensure the best thickness and elasticity of the carton.

Standard export carton packaging

Export carton packaging to countries with different standards. As follows:
Standard carton packaging for export to the US and EU
For the US or European market, most countries with developed economies, any goods imported into them have clear and specific standards.
For products exported to the US – Europe, cartons must be manufactured according to ASTM standards. In particular, it is required to have Rohs standard, which stands for Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substance – meaning restriction of hazardous substances.
This standard prohibits substances harmful to human health and the ecological environment, including 6 types of substances:
Cadmium (Cd),  Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent Chromium, Bromine compounds such as:
PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers).
– PBBs (polybrominated biphenyls).
– Lead (Pb).

Therefore, the composition of the export carton must ensure Rohs standards to be exported to the US or EU market. Any product tested to contain one of the above substances is not allowed to be imported into the European market.
Companies that produce Vietnamese cartons, or use cartons. If you want to sell in this market or use to store goods, you need to be registered with the “RoHS-compliant” Logo.

Standard Japanese export carton

Japan is also one of the strictest markets in terms of quality control. In addition to requiring goods to be of high quality, cartons containing goods must meet the following criteria:
+ Cartons must meet ASTM, ISO . standards
+ Ensure the quality of materials used to produce cartons such as: Tough, resistant to shocks during transportation.
+ Models, images, and products printed on boxes must be clear, sharp, and true to color.
+ Make sure the product information on the box is correct.
+ The font size and font style on the package must meet the standards.

The production address provides high quality export carton packaging

One of the production addresses providing high quality export carton packaging with international standards is Bac  Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd.
This is a unit specializing in the production of cartons, carton boxes with more than 10 years of establishment and development. Bac Truong Son Company has quickly created a large distribution network. We are currently a supplier of outstanding quality export cartons with the most competitive and preferential prices in the market today.
Carton Bac Truong Son – international standard
All export carton packaging products are manufactured on modern and advanced production lines imported from Europe today. All production processes are closed and ensure to meet specific international standards as follows:
FCT certified with minimum test level of 32 FCT and maximum load capacity per case of 40lbs.
There is also a Rohs certificate to ensure absolute safety for customers to use.
Certified to meet 6 ASTM standards for cartons.
Obtained ISO certification according to international quality standardsISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 9001: 2015.
Therefore, customers are completely assured when ordering barrels in Bac Truong Son. Because our export carton products and carton boxes all meet international standards. Ensure goods are exported to the most demanding markets such as the US – EU – Japan.


The material to make the box is always the best

The paper material used to produce cartons of Bac Truong Son has a clear origin. Paper is strictly censored before being imported, mainly paper materials are imported from: Japan, Thailand…
In addition, the amount of paper used to produce carton packaging is always the highest. This makes the thickness of the carton large, which increases the quality of the carton. Special closed production line, automation technology – especially, large machine size. This makes the carton quality always the highest.
To choose the packaging made from quality carton paper. The Bac Truong Son carton manufacturing company often relies on many factors.
It is a paper that fully meets ISO’s international criteria, including: Weight (g/m2), paper thickness (mm), density of paper (g/cm3). Cobb water absorption on paper (g/m2), horizontal folding resistance of paper (twice). The longitudinal stiffness of the paper (, the breaking length (m), the bursting strength of the paper (kgf/cm2). Tensile (Tensile Crush), paper ring compression (Ringcrush kgf/6inch), ISO whiteness (%), paper moisture (%)…
All must meet quality standards to ensure the production of the best products to consumers.
Using modern printing technology for the highest sharpness
Bac Truong Son uses modern printing technology, for the highest sharpness. With the technology of offset printing of carton packaging, flexo printing, silk screen printing… With modern machines and equipment, most of them are done automatically. Using quality ink ensures sharpness for the most natural and vivid images as required by customers.

Order according to all customer requirements

In addition, the Bac Truong Son carton packaging company also accepts to make cartons according to the requirements of customers nationwide
Accept production, order as required with any size large or small and design according to the customer’s idea.

Free consultation on branding design and printing on boxes (cartons).

High customer treatment

With us, customers guarantee all benefits as follows:
Ensure shipping costs reach the lowest level, saving shipping costs for customers.
Committed to the newest, most beautiful, best quality products to customers.
Working quickly, professionally, enthusiastic and attentive customer support service.
Best product preservation.
Avoid, limit the case of damage during transportation.
Environmentally friendly paper material.
Guarantee the cheapest market price in the city and neighboring provinces.
Great discount for customers buying in bulk.
Good price support for customers who register as agents.
Support to issue VAT invoices for customers
The return policy is very attractive. If you buy a product that has problems with tearing, tearing as well as the wrong product due to our fault. Please contact us, we will proceed to exchange the standard product for you.
All contact details:
Bac Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
Phone number: 02203.786,678
Hotline: 0918.136.768
Address: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
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