The address for printing cartons in Hai Duong is beautiful and cheap

To be able to create a carton with eye-catching labels, beautiful design. Then in addition to the quality of paper and the number of waves on the carton, the quality of the carton printing contributes a significant part to being able to create a brand for the product. So now, what printing techniques are there and how much is the price of box printing? Where is a reputable place to print cheap cartons in Hai Duong, let’s find out through this article.

Box printing technology – cheap fake carton boxes in Hai Duong of Bac Truong Son

Popular barrel printing technique

Currently, in the carton printing industry, there are two popular types of carton printing that are:
+ Offset carton printing
+ Print flexco carton
These two types of printing techniques are being used by the Bac Truong Son and produce extremely beautiful products. We will take a closer look at these two techniques to see what advantages they have that so many people use.
Offset carton printing technology
Offset carton printing is one of the high quality printing techniques. The printing process is very simple and not complicated. The printing process is as follows: Initially the ink will be pressed onto the rubber sheets, then pressed into the carton paper.
This technology brings outstanding advantages that is. When printed on the box, it will produce extremely sharp and realistic details. Since then, for customers of Bac Truong Son in Hai Duong, carton products with extremely outstanding aesthetics.
Bac Truong Son applies this offset printing technique when customers have demand. This is a printing technique that the whole world is using and choosing. Why is this technique in Bac Truong Son in Hai Duong only applied when requested by customers. Because this technique has a high printing cost. Not only that, before printing, this technique is also designed according to the customer’s choice. After the design is approved by the customer, we will proceed to print it. So we only do it when the customer needs it.

Flexo carton printing technology

Unlike offset printing, this is a direct printing technique thanks to embossed prints. Ink is supplied to the mold by means of the anilox shaft. These are shafts that are made of metal and they are sculpted with many small cells.
During the printing process, a part of the anilox roller will be dipped in the ink and the ink will get into the small holes on the printing roller. Meanwhile, carton printing molds are photopolymer resin copies and each market print is different photopolymer copies. The advantage of this form is that it is extremely fast. And the price is extremely cheap if customers print in large quantities. But the limitation of this technique is that the image is blurred.
If customers want to print their products with the best quality and most beautiful. It is recommended to use offset technique, although this technique is a bit higher than Flexo, but it will bring better quality.

Carton printing machine

Carton printing machine is one of the machine systems that are indispensable in the production line and carton printing. Carton printing machines have many other types, depending on the type of paper and color required by the customer.
Currently, Bac Truong Son owns carton printers in Hai Duong. Modern can be said to be the best in barrel printing technology. With the equipment and printing techniques we always improve day by day and learn from the most advanced printing techniques to be able to serve our customers. We currently have a full range of the most advanced technical machinery according to foreign countries. Ensure good service during printing. And offer the most beautiful and quality printed carton products today.
Currently in the Bac Truong Son in Hai Duong there are a number of modern printing machines as follows:
+ 7 layers corrugated machine
+ Semi-automatic round die-cutting machine
+ Large automatic 4 – 5 color horizontal printer
+ Flexo vertical printer 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors
+ Air compressor, blowing air AIR Bond
+ Automatic filling machine
+ Automatic flat press machine
+ Automatic carton sealing and tying machine
In addition, at Bac Truong Son in Hai Duong, we also have many of the most modern machines today. So you can rest assured when printing at our company.

Carton printing ink

Carton printing ink is one of the most important products. It helps to evaluate the quality at the final step of the product. Whether the product is good or not depends on the ink. Not only that, the carton ink also contributes to the aesthetic of the carton. At Bac Truong Son we always use high quality printing inks. Assuring customers that the product is created for the most smooth, even, and clear colors.

Price for printing carton boxes in Hai Duong

When it comes to carton printing prices, we cannot quote specific prices to customers. Because it’s like any other unit. The price of carton printing must also be based on the type of paper, printing technique, quantity, etc. to be able to quote the most accurate and detailed price for customers.
If you want to know the details of carton printing prices in Hai Duong quickly and in detail. Please contact our company’s Hotline. For advice and answers to questions as quickly as possible.
Hotline for free consultation: >>> 0918.136.768 <<<

Instructions for ordering cartons – carton boxes with more or less quantity on demand in Hai Duong

Our company accepts orders to print cheap cartons in Hai Duong from small to large quantities at the request of customers. We with advanced technology produce rapidly. Bring the best quality to customers. If you want to place an order, you can do it through the following ordering methods:
Option 1: You can directly contact our consultants of Bac Truong Son. To be able to listen to advice and order as quickly as possible. And all consultation information is 100% free. Not only that, our specialists work 24/7. So whenever you need us, we can help you.
Method 2: In addition, you can also use other ways. That is, you can chat via zalo with us. All customer inquiries and order requests are answered promptly.
Option 3: Or you can go directly to our unit for support. As well as view samples of products that have been printed by them before.

Why should you choose to print cartons in Hai Duong of the Bac Truong Son?

Bac Truong Son has always received the trust of many customers today. Because we always respond to customers’ needs as quickly and as possible. Always put the customer’s wishes on top to make it the best.
The design team is extremely dynamic and creative. Always create strange and very unique designs. But it is still the most obvious, but it still represents the needs of the customer in the best way. Bac Truong Son we assure our customers that our printing quality is superior. Ensuring the best quality products to our customers. Not only that, with the design in accordance with the requirements and purposes of the customer.

In cartons with a small quantity – a lot, according to all customer requirements

Depending on the customer’s order demand is more or less, we still design and produce. Because we always want to give our customers the most convenience possible. Not only that, Bac Truong Son also accepts to produce carton box products according to all needs and sizes of customers. When you come to us, you don’t have to worry about anything. Because we will respond to all customer needs as quickly as possible.

Print cheap cartons

Not only design production according to customer needs. Bringing the best quality products. When coming to our Bac Truong Son, you will be able to print cartons in Hai Duong at a very favorable price. We can assure our customers that our carton printing prices are the best available today.
Not only that, when printing at Bac Truong Son in Hai Duong, you also receive a lot of special offers from our company. And you can rest assured that the price is cheap but the product is very quality. If you just see that we print low quality products that do not meet your requirements. You can completely return it to us. So you can be completely assured when printing cartons in Bac Truong Son.

That is all the latest information about our cheap carton printing service in Hai Duong of Bac Truong Son. In addition, if you have any questions about printing cartons – cheap quality carton boxes. Direct contact information for customers wishing to order bulk cartons and cartons in Bac Truong Son:
Bac Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
Phone number: 02203.786,678
Hotline: 0918.136.768
Address: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
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