Learn about 3-layer carton and its application in practice

Types of boxes and boxes made from cardboard are being used a lot by most manufacturing and shipping units. Because of its convenience, low cost, and very friendly to the environment. In particular, the type of carton with thin box walls is a trend used by many customers as well as businesses. Although the thickness is not large, the 3-layer carton product line brings extremely special features to users. And to better understand the characteristics of this 3-layer carton, let’s find out with North Truong Son right here.

Features of 3-layer carton

Learning about 3-layer cartons helps us a lot. When we understand deeply about 3-layer carton, we will know when to apply it to which goods? Helps to use 3-layer corrugated iron box to be more effective, better protect goods.

What is a 3-layer carton?

3-layer carton is a type of packaging made from paper in the packaging industry. Composed of 1 layer of sine wave in the middle and 2 layers of cardboard surface on the outside. The most common are 2 layers of flat outer surface and 1 layer of waves depending on the needs to choose it is wave A, B, C, E … Used to protect the goods inside.

tiêu chuẩn sóng carton

Paper materials for the production of 3-layer cartons are very diverse from sources such as: Vietnamese paper, Thai paper, Malaysian paper, …
The 3-layer cardboard box is manufactured to be used for goods with a relatively compact volume and weight.

How is it produced?

All types of cartons – 3-layer carton boxes are produced from  pulp. The material is made from natural wood.
Then, they are compressed by specialized compressors to create a plane shape for the two outer layers and a wavefront for the middle layer. This is the most advanced technology currently used in the carton packaging industry in Vietnam.
In addition to creating paper layers. Cardboard boxes are also coated with color or printed with symbols and letters on top. Depends on the purpose of the person using them.

Công ty sản xuất bao bì bắc trường sơn

All types of 3-layer carton boxes are mainly industrially produced. Made from factories like North Truong Son, Boxs…

Uses of 3-layer carton
Surely no one is unfamiliar with the use of 3-layer or multi-layer carton boxes. That is:
Packaging products
Product preservation
Makes transportation easier and safer
Quick inventory
Tidy up – more organized
General structure of 3-layer cardboard
As learned above, we all know the 3-layer carton box is composed of 3 layers:

carton 3 lớp


Face layer
The outermost layer of paper (white paper…) is usually a nice, smooth, flat paper. Usually made from  wave A  or C. Depending on customer needs, type B or E can be used if high rigidity is required.
Middle class
The paper layer is made up of layers of corrugated paper (paper kraft…) that are glued to the top and bottom layers to act as a layer of padding for the carton. Usually 100-150 gsm quantification is used.
Usually made of kraft paper, they are created by layers of corrugated paper, grooves then glued into the surface layer and closed the bottom. This layer of paper acts as a cushion for the carton to resist collisions and increase its bearing capacity when storing and moving. Depending on how big or small the wave is, the impact resistance and bearing capacity are also different.
Bottom layer
The bottom layer can be a layer of normal paper or a layer of hard paper to support support (brown paper, crepe paper …). Normally use paper weight 100-200 gms.
Quantity and quality: the texture of each carton is specially designed depending on the application, the backing layer can be white, brown or yellow paper, the sine wave layers are designed according to the order.
Corrugated types of 3 layers carton
The middle layer of the 3-layer carton is a layer of corrugated paper. As a result, it will save on fuel costs to create products. At the same time, it increases resilience and impact resistance. If you look at the photo below, you will see that it looks like a spring or air mattress.
They are of the following types:
3-layer corrugated cardboard A
3-layer corrugated carton a is a layer of paper that is run through a press to form a sine wave shape. This type of 3-layer corrugated carton normally has a height ranging from 4.5mm to 4.8mm. The wave frequency of this 3-layer a-corrugated carton box is 33 wavelengths per 33 cm. The error is 3 wavelengths.
3-layer corrugated cardboard paper a has very good compression resistance. Besides, the ability to distribute force on the surface of the 3-layer carton box is very good. Therefore, this 3-layer corrugated carton will be able to hold heavier items than other 3-layer cartons. Because of its good bearing capacity, 3-layer corrugated carton a is often used to produce carton boxes to pack heavy products.

Has very good compression resistance
3 layers corrugated cardboard
The material of the b-corrugated 3-layer carton is raw Kraft paper. With 3-layer carton paper fiber is relatively thick, tough and has very good elasticity. The b corrugated 3 ply corrugated board produced when it is manufactured runs through corrugated to form corrugated layers.
In addition, 3-layer b-corrugated carton sheets are also produced by recycling from other types of cartons as well. Or can be from other types of 3-layer carton paper.
3-layer corrugated cardboard is a very important component to be able to create the complete properties of a 3-layer carton box. The feature of 3-layer corrugated board paper b is about 2.5mm high, very thin. However, thanks to the height of this 3-layer carton, it has created different properties.
With the wavelength density of this b-wave 3-layer cardboard is 47 wavelengths per 30 cm of paper. The error is about 3 wavelengths. The properties of b-wave help the 3-layer carton to resist the penetration force as well as other external forces from the outside.
thùng carton 3 lớp
                                                        B-wave carton creates the perfect for the box
3 layers corrugated carton
Carton 3 layers c wave is currently a type of wave that is being used a lot. They have corrugated paper heights of 3.2mm to 4.0mm. This type of c-corrugated 3-layer carton is a combination of advantages of 2 types of 3-layer corrugated carton box a and b wave.
The c-corrugated paper has about 15% less grooves than the a-corrugated board. And the frequency of this wave is 39 steps per 30 cm and the error is 3 wavelengths. Therefore, the 3-layer c-corrugated cartons have very good compressive strength and burst resistance.
That’s why the 3-layer c-corrugated carton box is used a lot. Because it can ensure the safest things packed inside. And with extremely effective burst and compressive strength. Therefore, the 3-layer c-corrugated carton boxes can hold a lot of items in the box at the same time.
3-layer c-corrugated carton is being used a lot
E corrugated cardboard 3 layers
3-layer corrugated carton has low height compared to 3-layer carton. The 3-layer e-corrugated carton has a wavelength height of only 8mm to 10mm. Wave amplitude from 25 to 30 waves per 10 cm.
Carton with 3 layers of corrugated e-corrugated paper for carton paper has stiffness, strength, and compression resistance. And subject to impact and penetration. These types of 3-layer corrugated cartons have no elasticity. Therefore, the E waves only use 3-layer carton paper for small boxes, containers containing light objects.
Quantification and quality
The texture of each carton is specially designed according to the application. The face paper layer can be white, brown or yellow paper, the arc layers are designed according to the order.
Pros & cons
Relatively inexpensive to manufacture and use. Compact, easily folded flat storage.
Light weight, easy to cut or bend. Easy to repair, change the original style.
Resistant to compression, good porosity.
Diverse designs, models of boxes or boxes. Supports multiple assembly styles (stapling, gluing, snapping).
Rich colors printed with Flexo & Offset printing technology. Easy surface coating, easy embossing (box).
Good food protection, good waterproofing (waterproof lamination).
Easy to handle, regenerate. Easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly
Quality gradually decreases over time of storage and use.
Fire and water resistant.
Stronger and lower quality 5 layers carton
How is 3-layer carton product applied?
In fact, its presence actually accounts for 70% of the total production of all products from paper cartons.
Today’s businesses also constantly update the paper packaging for their products, giving customers a more diverse experience in terms of service and product experiences. 3-layer carton is one of the top choices in the compact segment. Like the following industries: Fashion, food, cosmetics, stationery, transportation, etc.
Packing goods, doing business online
Fashion: shoes, bags, hats, …
Medical: cartons for masks, medical equipment, medicine…
Cosmetics: Containing cream, holding powder, …
Food:  paper box for pizza, noodle, cake, ..
1/ Making boxes to pack goods – furniture
In every manufacturing industry. Almost always see the presence of cartons and cartons for packing. It not only helps the goods to be preserved, but also allows the printing of standards and notes in transportation. And especially all the necessary information about the production unit, better PR for the brand itself.


With cheap 3-layer carton in particular. It is manufactured as a product container mainly for light industry. Contain light goods, less affected by impact. Due to its overall resilience is not really high. But the output of making 3-layer crates is extremely large.

2/ Paper box for shoes and clothes

Shoes and cosmetics are a type of fashion accessory that is very popular today for all ages, from the popular class to the higher classes. Carton box, it is not only to store products, but it also helps to keep the product shape in the best way.
Besides, this shoe box also shows class and brand mark. Images of products, care instructions, logos, and brand information will be displayed on them. It is a way to show class, brand and contribute to enhancing product value.

3/ Make a container for medical waste – medical products

Almost all hospitals use a lot of 3-layer cartons containing tools, medicines… Even old cardboard boxes are used to store medical waste. Especially containing tubes – glass bottles. Because of its softness on the surface, it allows glass chips to be pinned to the paper. Helps not to fall into the environment. Going to the treatment area can burn the outer shell without affecting….
Another thing is that many chemical drugs, when put in plastic containers or plastic bags, may react causing wear and tear. While paper does not, it even has the ability to absorb the remaining liquids in the medical field.

hộp carton 3 lớp



4/ Paper box for cosmetics & accessories

Cosmetics are a valuable commodity. It is not only beauty, it is also a factor affecting the health and psychology of consumers. With the status of floating goods being widely sold on the market today, the printing of cosmetic boxes will help businesses affirm their personal imprints on the market.
With an increasingly fiercely competitive cosmetic manufacturing and trading market, choosing a unit to design and print beautiful cosmetic paper boxes is becoming more and more important. Cosmetic paper box not only has the function of containing and protecting the product, but also an effective advertising and communication publication for the product it contains.

5/ Paper cartons for agricultural products – fast food

In fact, up to 40% of agricultural products are damaged, stamped or rotted from the production process, post-harvest handling process, storage to long-distance transportation.
The main reason is that they are not stored in standard agricultural product cartons. Therefore, the preservation of agricultural products is one of the most important final stages to bring good quality to consumers. Therefore, the use of cardboard boxes for agricultural products is gradually becoming the optimal solution for suppliers.
In particular, 3-layer cartons are very popular for packaging fresh fruits to help keep them fresh. In particular, the corrugated layer in the middle of this type of crate will reduce strong impacts from the outside, preventing the fruit from being crushed.
We can see from the cartons for packing clean vegetables,  cartons for fruits, agricultural products. Even instant noodle products such as  paper pizza boxes, bread…

Products from 3-layer carton


1/ 3 layers of cardboard

3-layer carton paper with many types of waves and sizes suitable for each customer’s needs including:

Paper wave height Bearing
3-layer corrugated cardboard A 4.7 mm Withstands good dispersion forces over the entire surface of the paper
3 layers corrugated cardboard 2.5 mm withstand high penetration force
3 layers corrugated carton 3.6 mm combine both advantages of both wave A & B
EASY 3-layer corrugated carton 1.5 mm used for containers for light objects

2/ Box – 3-layer carton

3-layer carton is a carton with 3 layers of paper by carton. In which, the carton has 2 layers of paper on the outside and a layer of sine wave in the middle. This wave can have different pitches, depending on the waveform A, B, C, E. These papers can be paper or yellow paper. 3-layer carton has the cheapest price and is most commonly used today.

3/ 3 layers carton paper roll

3-layer carton roll paper has an extremely simple design with 2 outer layers of cardboard protecting the inner corrugated carton. This is the way it is designed to minimize the impact of strong impacts, causing damage to the items inside the box.

Quotation for 3-layer carton box

Selling price of 3 layers carton paper

Currently on the market there are many different prices for each type of 3-layer carton with completely different quality. Therefore, the price of 3-layer carton also depends on the size and quantity required by the customer.
Specifically, the larger the size, the price will increase from  2,000 – 4,000 VND per 3-layer carton. However, when you need to buy in bulk, the price of each product is reduced from  3,000 – 5,000 VND.
Therefore, to determine the most accurate and specific  3-layer carton price list , you should contact your manufacturer for detailed price updates. From there, manufacturers will receive information and requests from customers. In terms of size, specification, quantity, printing method, as well as style,…  To be able to give you the most accurate and detailed price.

                                            Prices vary depending on size

Quotation for 3-layer carton

To determine the price of a 3-layer carton. You need to rely on the size, quantity, printing of the product. Only then can we estimate the exact cost.

STT Product’s name Specification L*W*H (mm) Amount Unit Price VND)
1 3-layer carton Box1 250 170 95 2000 Contact
2 3-layer carton Box2 505 315 160 2000 Contact
3 3-layer carton Box3 200 120 145 2000 Contact
4 3-layer carton Box4 400 285 875 2000 Contact

To update the detailed quotation for each 3-layer carton box product. You can directly contact the hotline number of Northern Truong Son for the latest and fast updates every day.

>> Contact hotline: 0918.136.768 <<<

Which address sells good price 3-layer carton paper?

Due to the increasing demand for paper and carton of consumers. So, there are a lot of these products on the market today. However, you should consider and choose a reputable and professional manufacturer and distributor. Avoid buying fake, poor quality products that lead to “money loss”
North Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd is proud to be the leader in the field of high quality carton production. Committed to bringing customers the most standard carton products.
Address:   Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
Phone: 02203.786,678 VND
Mobile: 0918136768
In addition to 3-layer carton, Bac Truong Son also provides a full range of other carton products such as:   5-layer carton, 7-layer carton, sheet paper products, corrugated carton of all kinds…
Especially, to support and serve customers in the best way. Bac Truong Son receives design – printed cartons according to all required sizes and quantities. Ensuring not only the quality but also the price is completely suitable for all objects in need.

Why should you choose North Truong Son as the address to supply 3-layer carton products?

Supplying quality and cheap 3-layer cartons – cartons

With very modern equipment. We are considered as the unit using the most modern machinery today. Not only that, our team of experienced staff ensures to provide you with quality products.
Our staffs are allowed to study abroad once every 6 months. To be able to provide learn new production experiences from advanced countries. To be able to create quality products to ensure for consumers. We always improve the equipment as well as the professional experience. Not only that, but also learn from good experiences to be able to provide customers with the best quality products.

carton 3 lớp

Receiving production & printing of 3-layer cartons in Hanoi, HCM & 60 provinces nationwide

With modern technology imported from the most advanced European countries. Will create for customers the best quality products. Printed with 3 layers of carton, not smudged, blurred. Like other units, when receiving 3-layer carton printing products, customers will not let customers check all products.
But coming to Bac Truong Son when delivering products, you can check all the quantity of those products. Just you see the quality of our 3-layer carton printing is poor quality. Not enough requirements as you have set.
We would like to refund 100% of the amount of 3-layer carton printing to customers. North Truong Son   assures you that there is no other unit with such preferential treatment for its customers as we do. So you can rest assured when using our services.
Print cartons with guaranteed quality

Shipping support

We always give our customers the best possible conditions. Unlike other carton box suppliers. When you come to  North Truong Son  you will be supported in the best possible way. We always treat our customers as family. Therefore, we always want to provide our customers with the most guaranteed and quality services today.
You can rest assured that when you come to North Truong Son, you do not have to bear any shipping costs. By North Truong Son we have branches nationwide. So you can rest assured when coming to us. No shipping fees, fast shipping guaranteed. Like that, what else is there?

We can assure our customers that no other company can provide the same quality service as we do.


Good service meets all the needs of customers. Not only that, the price is nothing to say. As we said we treat our customers like family. So we’ll help as much as we can.
So when you come to the North Truong Son, our prices for all kinds of carton packaging are always 1 to 2 prices cheaper than other units. Not only that, when you come to us, you also receive products at discounted prices. And you also receive many special promotions from us. We always have special promotions for our customers.
So when you come to us, you don’t have to worry about the price issue. Any problem just let  Northern Truong Son  take care of you. You just need to come and deliver your product to us.
thùng carton 3 lớp
Best price on the market right now

Serving the needs of buying retail and wholesale cartons

To meet the needs of wholesale – retail customers. Regardless of your needs, we will wholeheartedly meet them. Because the company has a direct factory, even if you buy retail, you will still enjoy a very high discount. So you can rest assured when ordering at North Truong Son.

Commit to return goods

Do not think that the North Truong Son provides products with good service at preferential prices. Then our products are not quality. That is completely wrong. When you come to us, you never have to worry that the product quality is not guaranteed.
We deliver to customers. If you just find our products of poor quality. Not guaranteed to meet your needs. You can return the item. We will refund 100% of the amount to the customer. If our services are not good, no guarantee. We certainly never dare to commit to such a customer.
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