Customer support policy creates credibility and peace of mind when cooperating

7 effective customer support policies from the BacTruong Son

Packaging solution consulting

Receiving the customer’s request consultation on solution packaging, we will meet again to discuss which packaging solution is most suitable for the customer.
Bac Truong Son will research and classify the product lines of customers. And depending on the function or use features of the packaging into groups
From there, give advice on the most suitable carton packaging solution.

Design carton packaging

Find out the wishes and requirements of customers about the model carton design according to different industries
Ask questions related to cartons so that customers can clearly identify specific requirements
With the complete information collected, we can better understand the wishes of our customers
From there, you can get an idea of ​​the right carton model to meet the original requirements

Making carton samples

Làm mẫu thùng cartonWe understand that:

The stage of making samples of cartons plays an important role in assessing the quality of orders and choosing a cooperation unit later.
Therefore, after receiving the request from the customer, we will meet again to discuss which packaging solution is most suitable for the customer.
Compare with the business’s operation process and products to conduct the carton sample making process.
This will help customers be assured that the order will meet the original requirements and quality.

Flexible production

With a flexible production process that helps us handle many orders – different product codes/day no matter how customers change their requirements.
Priority is given to the production of urgent orders, even though there are many models, but to meet the delivery schedule
Increase production plan if orders arise urgently from customer requirements
Producing additional quantities for orders with errors in specifications, quantity … (errors arising from customers)

Fast shipping

BAC TRUONG SON builds a delivery team from within the company
Always improve the quantity and quality of trucks to meet the increasing requirements of delivery progress
With a team of enthusiastic, energetic and professional drivers in company uniforms
Customers will feel secure about freight services (limiting loss, damage, etc.)
Being proactive about means of delivery helps bring the best price to customers.

Customer care


We always listen and respond to all information reflecting customers’ contributions
Quickly resolve customer feedback about unsatisfactory product quality.
With a poll survey to help customers receive inappropriate elements from old orders
Since then, re-manufacturing new orders and replenishing them on schedule and in accordance with customers’ standards.
Gratitude program, giving gifts to customers periodically on holidays, Tet…
Bringing safety and trust in the long-term cooperation and working process in the future

Payment support policy

Carton orders usually have large quantities, delivery in and out of the city
Therefore, the payment method is also very flexible:
Payment after receiving goods, transfer (can negotiate payment time)
For more information about purchasing – ordering – quotation, please contact:
North Truong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
ADDRESS: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
Hotline: 02203.786.678 – 0918136768



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