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Cartons for moving house are one of the most important and indispensable items when moving house. So do you already know the size of the moving carton? What is a quality crate and where is a reputable place to buy a moving box? Let the North Truong Sonhelp you answer these questions through the article below

1. The importance of moving cartons

Every time we move house, we will have a large amount of furniture and furniture that need to be moved. Carton for moving is now one of our top choices when it can help us classify and arrange neatly for easy transportation. Make sure your devices are not scratched and lost during transit.
Moreover, these moving boxes also help you safely store fragile items such as ceramics, porcelain, glass, etc. during transportation, when combined with foam and carefully packed. carefully, meticulously with duct tape.

2. Types of moving cartons

House cleaning cartons have a variety of sizes, depending on the transportation personnel and the size of the items to be moved, we can choose the appropriate type of box. Here, North Truong Son will introduce to you the 3 most commonly used carton sizes today.

2.1 Moving box 50x30x42

The moving box with the size of 50x30x42 is suitable for 1 person to transport because of its moderate size. You can organize compact items such as books and small to medium weight items. These moving boxes are often used to pack up stationery when moving house or changing work location. In North Truong Son, this type of moving box 50x30x42 is listed at 15,000 VND/box.

2.2 Carton for moving house 60x40x40 3 layers

In case you need to move large but not too heavy objects such as printers, fans, clothes, .. items with a load of no more than 15kg, a 3 layer 60x40x40 shipping carton is one of them. great choices. The box is just big enough to hold large items but still safe to store items without collision during the move. The size of the box is suitable for 2 people to transport together. North Truong Son provides 3 layers 60x40x40 moving carton for only 20,000 VND/carton.

2.3 House cleaning paper box 60x40x40 5 layers

With furniture and items of large size and high weight, to ensure safety, we can choose a carton of the same size but with a thickness of 5 layers. These moving boxes can increase the safety of the items you are moving because they can withstand loads of up to 30kg. The size of the box requires 2 people to transport because the load and size are larger than the rest of the boxes. Because the barrel structure is thicker and better quality, it is listed for 27,000 VND/carton.

3. Advantages of moving cartons

There are many products that can help us move house, but moving cartons are always the first choice because of the following advantages:
The shipping carton will limit property damage such as breakage, scratches
Helps to easily classify and arrange items for easy inventory of assets when transporting, not afraid of losing anything and easy to find when moving to a new location
Various sizes, suitable for each load of objects to be transported
The price is quite cheap, anyone can buy it
The moving carton is also light in weight, easy to pack, diverse in design and easy to buy in bulk

4. Criteria for selection of moving cartons

When choosing a moving carton, you need to pay attention to some of the following criteria:

4.1 Barrel thickness

The first criterion to consider when choosing is the strength of the carton. Depending on the needs, choose the thickness of the box in accordance with the items to be preserved. However, the North Truong Son recommends choosing a 5-layer type to ensure safety, the thickness of the box includes the top layer of paper, corrugated paper, the middle layer, the corrugated paper and the bottom layer.
Features of 5-layer moving carton:
The top layer of face paper can withstand mild wet weather
The second layer is capable of dispersing force on the carton
The 3rd and 4th layers minimize the outside impacts on the barrel
The last layer is to ensure the safety of the assets inside the crate


4.2 Dimensions

Next we should also pay attention to the size of the box, not choosing too big nor too small. Buying a moving box that is too big will make the objects inside not fixed, easy to bump and damage property during transportation. And the box is too small, it can’t hold too many things, leading to stuffing when moving house. Choosing the right size of moving box with the right size will help save time and transportation space.
Choosing a reasonable and economical moving carton is also one of the criteria you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy a carton to move house. We should measure and calculate the number and size of items to be transported to buy the right number of boxes and the right size, to avoid buying excess boxes that lead to waste of space and waste of money.
Finally, we need to pay attention to the convenience factor, so we should sort out the moving boxes before arranging the items. Categorize specifically for each type of box for each item, making tidying up more convenient and faster.

5. Tips for using cartons to move house

Properly used moving cartons will be very convenient, but if you are a first-time user, you can still curl up with the boxes when moving house. So to avoid losing time and limit the loss of property to the lowest level, Bac Truong Son will suggest you some tips for using the cleaning bin in the most effective way.
Creating holes on both sides of the box helps us to hold and hold the carton more easily, limiting the drop of the box.
Arrange the items in the box just enough, not crammed, it will easily cause the objects to be scratched and broken when impacted from the outside.
Should write or mark the classification when cleaning, so that when rearranging we will save a lot of time.
When transporting heavy objects in the box, it is advisable to fix the box with tape to prevent it from bursting due to a large load.
To prevent items from getting wet during transportation, it is recommended to wrap a layer of plastic or plastic film on the outside of the box.
Plastic wraps, newspapers, etc. can be used to wrap around furniture and items with many angles to limit scratches and damage to the outer layer of the transported property.
It is advisable to buy old cartons to save costs in case you do not often transport items. Because the price is cheaper, we should also see and double check the quality of the barrel before buying.
In case you miscalculate, buy an unreasonable size moving box, you should follow the following principle: For items with light weight and large size, use a large box. As for objects and furniture with heavy loads, they should be stored in small boxes. Because of the low cross-section of the box, it has good bearing capacity, increased safety, and preserved assets during the movement of the container.
In case of storing many items in the same box or container for fragile items, we should pay attention to wrap the product tightly with shrink film, air bubble bag. Help us to ensure the safety of property during the process of workers loading and unloading.

6. How to calculate the number of moving cartons

Applying the following steps can help you calculate the correct number of shipping cartons to use to save money and space significantly:
Step 1: Make a list of items to be transported, which can help you roughly estimate the number of moving boxes you need to buy, avoiding excess purchases that lead to messy layout during transportation. This also helps us calculate the amount used for shipping services as well as save on the cost of buying excess packaging. The list of items also tells us clearly what assets will be transported, avoiding loss and damage during the move.
Step 2: Sort the items to be moved by size and load so that you can easily choose the size and structure of the type of carton to use. This stage is very important because it helps us to maximize the number of cartons we will use through measuring, calculating the size, shape and material of the items.
After making a list and sorting you can calculate exactly how many large and small cartons to use. Help us save money, time and space when moving house.

7. Where to buy cartons for moving house in Hai Duong?

If you are confused and don’t know where to buy paper boxes to move house in Hai Duong, then come to North Truong Son. One of the websites that sell quality shipping cartons on the market today. With many different sizes and structures, the price of carton products in North Truong Son is also very reasonable, quite cheap compared to the general market. In addition, the products you choose will be delivered quickly, and ensure the right quantity and quality you choose.
Bac Truong Son hopes to give you the knowledge you need to know about home shipping cartons, so you can make the right choices about models when buying.
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