Cardboard with 2 layers of E . corrugated board

For heavy and bulky items, corrugated boxes a, b and c are used. But as we often see cosmetic boxes or gift boxes are exquisitely designed by super durable paper. Such boxes have strength and toughness thanks to the e-corrugated carton. So what are the characteristics of this type of carton? In addition to being a gift box, what is it used for? And where is this paper selling address at a preferential price?

Features of e corrugated carton

In the production of cartons, corrugated cartons occupy an extremely important part. High waves such as a corrugated carton, b corrugated carton and c corrugated carton. It has high wave height, wave foot length and total wavelength. Not only that, these wavelengths also have elasticity, it can resist subsidence and dent quite high.
Waves with high peak and wave heights are the opposite. For corrugated cartons, e has the lowest height. The barrel has a wavelength height of only 8-10 mm. Wave amplitude from 25-30 waves/10 cm.
Wave e for carton paper has stiffness, strength, compression, impact and penetration. But this type of corrugated carton has no elasticity. Therefore, the e waves are only used as cartons for small boxes, containers for light objects.
In the production technique of corrugated box e is often combined with other types of waves. Aim to add strength, durability and toughness to the barrel. When making cartons the e-corrugated layers usually do not go alone, but they are combined with higher types of waves. To create into the laminated carton paper. Normally, the present cartons are usually combined from a layer of high corrugated board and a layer of low corrugated board. To be able to create the best quality carton.

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Outstanding application of e . corrugated carton

Cartons come in many varieties, and its diversity is intended to be used for different products. For waves with large heights, multilayers are often used in the storage of bulky equipment. Has a heavy weight like mechanical fruit. But for corrugated cartons e. You also know that this type of wave is only suitable for carrying light goods. Therefore, it is applied to make cosmetic boxes, food, small cartons and medicine boxes, etc.
Not only because the feature of this type of crate is that it can only erect light objects. And this wave also has a feature that is super durable and super beautiful paper layers. But the boxes of food, cosmetics, … need eye-catching decoration. Therefore, people apply the e-wave for these types of boxes.
Not only that, the types of e-wave bins are characterized by very short wavelengths. Wave height is low and even. Therefore, creating smooth, smooth barrel surfaces and making printing extremely efficient. Therefore, each type of corrugated carton is used for different purposes. But the important thing is to use it for what and how to package the product. So depending on your needs, you should choose for yourself the appropriate types of cartons with corrugated or long layers, many layers or few layers.

Advantages and disadvantages of e . corrugated cartons

Wave e is the same as for other corrugated cartons. It also has its outstanding advantages during use. Just knowing how to choose to apply it correctly will maximize the advantages of this wave.
However, this type of wave cannot avoid its unnecessary disadvantages. However, it still brings a lot of benefits during use. To be able to know what advantages and disadvantages of this type of carton paper, let’s find out together.

Advantages of corrugated cardboard e

E-corrugated cardboard has many different outstanding advantages. But below, North Truong Son just points out some of the outstanding advantages that it has such as:
+ Like other types of corrugated board, e-corrugated carton is also produced from paper. Because of its relatively low cost.
+ The weight of this wave is also very light. Not only that, this type of wave is also very easy to cut or bend during manufacturing or recycling.
+ Good resistance to compression and porosity.
+ Very diverse in designs and models.
+ Extremely rich in colors with extremely modern  carton printing technology  of North Truong Son. Supports a variety of closures. Like stapling, gluing and stapling.
+ Very compact, can easily be folded flat storage
+ Can protect the items inside the box. Not only that, it is also very waterproof thanks to the waterproof handle.
+ Can easily be surface coated and very easily embossed.
+ Not only that, corrugated cardboard is also very easy to repair and change the original design. Very easy to handle, regenerate. Easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
+ Design suitable for packaging with many different types of products.
Thanks to these outstanding advantages, e-corrugated cartons are always used to pack and secure goods during transportation and maintenance. And used in many different industries.

Disadvantages of corrugated paper E

With the outstanding advantages that North Truong Son mentioned above. You can also see how good this wave is. But it also cannot avoid some of the disadvantages. Because there is no product that can achieve 100% advantage.
And the same goes for corrugated cartons, it also suffers from some disadvantages. But these downsides are very minor, nothing to worry about.
The first disadvantage that corrugated board e suffers from is fire resistance. Because of the characteristics of this type of corrugated carton. Made of paper, so the problem of fire resistance is inevitable. Therefore, we want to ensure that the boxes use e-waves. You need to keep the product in a cool place. Avoid placing near fire or other flammable objects.
The second disadvantage that this type of wave encounters is also the last one. That is the problem of hydrophobicity. When it comes to water, it can cause damaged cartons to be unusable and reusable. So you should do your best to avoid this situation.
The cartons should be stored in a dry place. Avoid exposing the cartons to the effects of water. To ensure the best for products made from corrugated carton e.
For wave e there are only 2 such simple disadvantages. In the process of using we can avoid. The outstanding advantages of this type of corrugated board can “overwhelm” the disadvantages of e-corrugated carton.

Selling corrugated paper with special price

Currently, there are many units that provide e-corrugated carton paper. But not all units provide quality and preferential price corrugated e-corrugated carton. Currently, in North Truong Son, we are providing corrugated e-corrugated carton at extremely favorable prices.
Not only that, when you buy e-corrugated carton in North Truong Son, we guarantee to provide you with the best quality e-corrugated carton products. Because we know our existence is created by customers. In North Truong Son we supply corrugated paper and cartons of all kinds nationwide with preferential prices and many attractive promotions to customers. When buying corrugated paper and carton products at our company.
North Truong Son provides corrugated paper at a favorable price
You will be able to check the goods and if you feel that the goods are of poor quality or not as required by your original requirements. We offer a full refund of the customer’s money. So you can rest assured when buying cartons in North Truong Son us. When you need an address to supply corrugated paper, you just need to contact us in North Truong Son. We are available 24/7 whenever you need:
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