Address to order high quality cartons

Currently, many businesses are looking for an address to order cartons according to their requirements, prestige, quality and competitive price. But where is the best place to order? Please refer to the article below!

                                              Should choose high quality and durable carton products

1. Things to keep in mind when ordering custom cartons

On the market today, there are many establishments and companies specializing in the production of carton boxes using different types of materials. Therefore, in order to find good quality cartons, consumers wonder where to choose these types of cartons.
What many managers and businesses worry about when using poor quality cartons is:
Cartons are quickly damaged, broken, easily absorbed by water if they encounter bad impacts from the environment.
Easy to be damaged by termites, termites, and cannot be reused, causing costly new purchases
Poor quality cartons use materials that are not friendly to the environment and people, so the objects, food and agricultural products contained in them are also very susceptible to being affected.
When using poor quality cartons, it also reduces the reputation of enterprises when importing and exporting all kinds of goods.
Therefore, it is essential in the process of packaging and transporting products that it is selected high quality and durable carton products. To do that, customers should choose for themselves units that provide high quality and reputable carton boxes and cartons.

2. Find out about the product’s structure when ordering cartons as required in BacTruong Son

In the BacTruong Son, common cartons usually have a structure of 3 parts: the outer part, the middle part and the bottom part.
The outermost layer is usually made of hard, shiny, and beautiful paper material to increase the aesthetics of the product.
The middle layer is paper wave and groove, which acts as a spring layer to help reduce the impact force on the product, protecting the product inside from collisions.
The bottom layer is usually made of hard paper, in order to increase the supporting role for the product.

                                            Order to make carton according to customer’s required size
In BacTruong Son, we are currently providing the service of buying cartons with diverse designs and types. Regarding the structure, there are 3 layers, 5 layers or 7 layers cartons. In terms of design, there are cartons with instant lids, cartons with removable lids, cartons with yin and yang… Customers can freely choose and order as required.
In particular, Bac Truong Son also has a team of designers who will work with you to design cartons bearing bold brand names to promote and improve product quality.

3. BacTruong Son – The most prestigious address for supplying paper boxes and cartons today

Currently, there are many businesses that are standing out to produce all kinds of paper boxes and cartons to supply to the market. This has the advantage of giving customers more choices. But it also brings trouble because consumers will not actually know what is a quality product and whether the supplier is reputable or not.
If you are wondering about choosing a reputable and high quality supplier of cartons and cartons, please come to Bac Truong Son. We are the leading unit in the field of manufacturing and supplying to the market all kinds of paper boxes, cartons with diverse designs, suitable for all needs of customers. You can completely order cartons according to your requirements with the support of the staff at Bac Truong Son.


Bac Truong Son – The company has more than many years of experience in manufacturing paper boxes and cartons
Bac Truong Son has a team of skilled and experienced staff, ready to invest in modern machinery and technology, ensuring the best product quality. In the 10 years since its establishment, Bac Truong Son has always received the trust of customers both in terms of product quality and service. All customers working with Bac Truong Son have fully signed contracts. If not done correctly, Bac Truong Son is ready to compensate the contract for the customer.
Therefore, working with Bac Truong Son businesses can be assured of absolute peace of mind. If you have a need to order custom cartons, please contact our company today! The consulting staff will support customers to answer all the questions customers are having in the fastest and most complete way!
For more information about ordering, please contact the following address and information.
BacTruong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
Phone number: 02203.786,678
Hotline: 0918.136.768
Address: Lai Cach Industrial Park – Lai Cach TT – Cam Giang – Hai Duong (Opposite the gate of Dai An Industrial Park – Hai Duong)
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