About BacTruong Son Company

Bac Truong Son Packaging Factory was established in 2010, identifying the advantages as well as challenges of a young enterprise, we aspire to create different values ​​in the field of producing carton packaging for packaging, freight. We always want to become a reliable partner, the first choice of our customers and partners in many fields and industries, such as: garment industry, footwear, ceramics, electricity – electronics, food, …
In the journey of creating a prestigious brand of a professional manufacturer, Bac Truong Son is proud to have a staff of specialized training, rich in production experience, enterprising, proactive approach to achievements. techniques, advanced technology. We are constantly innovating, investing in modern equipment and lines, and selecting high-quality raw materials to ensure sustainable development and create environmentally friendly products.
Today’s success not only comes from the collective efforts of the leadership and employees of Bac Truong Son Trading Investment Co., Ltd.
but also thanks to the trust of partners and loyal customers. More than anyone else, we understand the importance of cooperation to develop together, bringing Vietnamese-origin products to international markets.

Development strategy

Officially put into operation in 2010, until now,  BacTruong Son Trade & Investment Joint Stock Company  has been consistent with the development strategy focusing on the application of technical achievements and the quality of human resources. Currently, the whole company has more than 150 employees, of which, 100% have graduated from high school and professional high school, university. Every year, the company achieves a turnover of over 100 billion VND. At the same time, the Bac Truong Son carton packaging factory has achieved a stable capacity of  15 million m2/year.
In 2015, BacTruong Son Trade Investment Co., Ltd
honored to receive the title of VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL GOLD BRAND
In 2016, it was ISO 9001:2008 certified by UKAS Quality Standards Certification Body


Participating in the carton packaging production market, which is an environmentally friendly product, chosen by commodity manufacturers with increasing market demand, is also the year that Vietnam has many advantages in economic integration. , the goal of the Bac Truong Son is to seize those advantages to shorten the investment journey in building and developing the brand of a professional manufacturer,creating a strong momentum to become a global strong brand. ready to integrate into the international market.


Along with corporate values, the leadership of BacTruong Son Trading Investment Co., Ltd
defining its mission is to constantly improve, enhance capacity to meet the requirements of customers and contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy. Since then, the Company wishes to become a pioneer enterprise, creating jobs for local laborers.

Core values

The stability and stability of Bac Truong Son Trading Investment Co., Ltd
based on operational criteria and core value system, which are:
• Sustainable development, Respect the interests of Partners – Customers – Employees.
• Consistency in operations providing standard quality products with flexible pricing policy, perfect after-sales service, meeting all requirements of the market.
• Principles in production:  Productivity – Quality, Efficiency – Sustainability.
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