3-layer carton and practical application

What is a 3-layer carton?

Is a box model made from 3 layers of carton paper, it includes 1 layer of corrugated paper and 2 layers of outer paper. This type of carton has a low cost, is the most commonly used on the market today.

Suitable for storing and packing products with light weight and compact size. Typically used to store: Noodles, makeup, cosmetics; medicines, tissues, …. Composed of different types of waves such as: E wave, C wave, B wave and A wave.

Outstanding features of 3-layer carton

In general, they have the same structure as follows:
Face layer: This is the outermost layer of paper, which is usually a nice smooth, flat paper. There are 3 popular colors that are white, brown, yellow.
Middle layer:
This is the layer that holds the main role of the carton. This layer has paper made up of layers of corrugated paper (paper kraft, etc.) glued to the top and bottom layers to act as a layer of carton padding. Usually it will have a weight of 100-150 gsm.
This layer acts as a cushion for the carton against collisions and increases the bearing capacity when storing and moving. Depending on how big or small the wave is, the impact resistance and bearing capacity are also different.
Bottom layer: As the bottom layer of the carton, it can be a layer of normal paper or a layer of hard paper to help support in support (brown paper, crepe paper …). Normally the bottom layer uses 100-200 gms paper weight.
Quantity and quality:   Each carton is specially designed according to the application, the face paper layer can be white, brown or yellow paper, the sine wave layers are designed according to the order.

The pros and cons


Advantages of 3-layer carton


  • Low cost, help save money
    Carton is light in weight, easy to cut and bend to create the desired product.
    Has good compressive strength and bursting capacity.
    Quite a variety of styles and designs. You are free to choose the design in the form of a box or a box.
    Rich colors, good ink capture, sharp and clear print quality with Flexo Offset printing technology.
    Very easy to assemble, just simple tools
    Small in size, not too thick. Therefore, when you do not need to use it, it can be folded into a flat form, so it is very compact, easy to store and preserve.
    Easy to handle, renewable, easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly

Cons of 3-layer carton

  • Carton products have a paper structure, so the longer they are stored and used, the lower the quality and durability of the product will be.
    The product is very hydrophobic and fire-resistant, so when it comes in contact with water, the product is easy to faint, burst and burn when exposed to fire.
    Compared with 5-layer carton or 7-layer carton, the bearing capacity of this product is not equal.

Application of 3-layer carton in practice

Thực tế cho thấy, việc sử dụng thùng carton là vô cùng phổ biến trong cuộc sống. mặc dù vẫn tồn tại một số nhược điểm nhưng không thể phủ nhận rằng thùng carton này vẫn có tính ứng dụng cao trong cuộc sống.

Making boxes to pack goods – furniture

In production technology, 3-layer carton helps to pack objects. This makes it easier for the transportation process, avoiding bumps that affect product quality. At the same time, the carton also has the ability to print clearly, so it is convenient for providing product information on the package, as well as promoting the business brand.

This kind of 3-layer carton is suitable for products that are not too heavy, but have bulky dimensions, so it is only suitable for light industry.
In addition, for the process of transporting furniture, the use of 3-layer cartons to pack products helps to preserve, and save maximum space, easy to control and transport.

Making containers for agricultural products and fast food

Because of the environmentally friendly structure, the 3-layer carton can contain food without affecting the health of consumers. In addition, the use of 3-layer cartons during the transportation of agricultural products also helps to preserve agricultural products in the best way, bringing to users quality agricultural products.



Making a medical waste container – medical products

3-layer carton containing tools, medicines…  is widely used in medical facilities. Even old cardboard boxes are used to store medical waste. Especially contain glassware. Its surface softness allows glass chips to be pinned to the paper without causing injury during transportation. Going to the treatment area can burn the outer shell without affecting….


Moreover, many chemical drugs, when put in plastic containers or plastic bags, can cause a wear-and-punch reaction. While carton is not, it is even capable of absorbing residual medical fluids.

What is the selling price of 3 layers carton? Is it expensive?

Depending on the needs and purposes of use, the price of 3-layer cartons will vary according to the size and quantity you want to buy. Of course, when you buy a lot of products, the price of the product will also decrease.






It can be seen that the 3-layer carton has a lot of plus points, worthy of being the number 1 choice for those who need to transport or pack utensils and equipment. Carton choice is the choice to protect the environment, protect our own life!
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